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Thanks for visiting Charlotte Tree Service! We provide high quality, low priced tree service including tree removals, tree pruning, trimming, stump removals, lot clearing and much more, call today for a free estimate or feel free to read up on all of the unique tree services we offer.

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Charlotte Tree Services

We provide the best in Charlotte tree service, tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, land clearing, tree planting, tree disease control, spraying and shrub care throughout North Carolina. We've always been able to be successful in Charlotte as a tree service company because our team are very passionate about trees. Charlotte Tree Service is fully licensed, insured and equipped to service any type of residential or commercial customer.

Charlotte, NC Tree Services

We provide complete residential and commercial tree services throughout Charlotte, North Carolina and Mecklenburg County. A few of our services include tree removal, tree trimming, pruning, stump removal, lot clearing, tree planting, tree disease control, storm damage tree cleanups and much more.

Charlotte, NC Tree Removal

Uh Oh! Are you in need of tree removal for your home or business? We certainly hope its not an emergency. Whether you need standard tree removal or it's an emergency, don't worry we've got you covered! Our tree workers are fully trained with industry wide tree removal techniques. We can remove your tree and cleanup in a safe, non hazardous way.

Charlotte, NC Tree pruning

Our tree pruning services are utilized to beautify your trees and to make them healthy. We offer a fully array of pruning, trimming, shaping and crowning services to protect your property's most valuable natural assets-Your trees! Boy oh boy, there's a lot of trees all over the city of Charlotte and we're proud to say that we have over a decade of experience pruning and trimming. Any tree species or any type, we'll make them beautiful.

Charlotte Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be a real eye sore! They're also a safety hazard. Kids can run over them and fall. Good Charlotte tree removal companies will remove a stump when they remove the tree but there's only so many decent companies out there. Any time we remove a tree, we'll pull the stump out with it. We remove tree stumps via chemical treatments or by an industrial stump grinding machine.

Charlotte Tree Service Specialties

We specialize in a wide variety of unique tree services. Some are designed to enhance the beauty or health of your trees while others are needed to increase safety or prevent a future accident from happening.

Charlotte Tree Removal

Although we don't like removing trees because we're an environmentally friendly company, sometimes it needs to be done. Trees may need to be removed because they're dead, dying or diseased and pose a significant safety risk. They also may outgrow their current area. We've gotten requests to have certain types of trees removed because all throughout the year, leaves sap and branches fall into the customer’s yard. So the reasons vary from aesthetics to safety.

Charlotte Tree Pruning

There really is an art to having a tree pruned. All of our competitors claim they're tree pruning experts but secretly only a small percentage actually know what they're doing. The objective of tree pruning is to maintain and increase the beauty and health of your tree(s). It's actually a mix of quite a few different services. We provide deadwood removal, sometimes we removed diseased wood bark, provide thinning in the center of the tree, crown reduction and much more. Always make sure to ask your tree service company if they have experience pruning a specific species. Trees take years to beautify yet only seconds to destroy.

Charlotte Tree Stump Grinding

As we mentioned before, tree stumps should always be removed by the company removing your tree. The only time they should be in your yard is because a tree fell and you haven't gotten around to removing your tree in the first place. Rest assured, stump removal is no problem at all. It's a quick, stress free service. Leave it to us, we have industrial non-toxic chemicals that we utilize to disintegrate stumps. This may take a little bit longer than using a stump grinding machine, but it’s your choice. Our tree stump removers also use a professional stump grinding machine which burrows about 12 inches beneath the surface of the stump so we can remove it. After we're done, it'll look as though you never had a tree there!


Charlotte Tree Service Coverage Area & Additional Services

Charlotte Tree Service works all over Charlotte, North Carolina and Mecklenburg County. At the end of the day, our biggest concern is your satisfaction. We provide affordably priced, high quality tree services. Some of the most common areas we visit outside of Charlotte include Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill, Pineville, Concord, and Rock Hill. Many other additional services are provided to our residential and commercial customers on a daily basis. These include tree planting, tree disease control and land clearing.

Charlotte Tree Planting

For every tree that we remove, we love putting them back into the earth. It’s a great feeling driving past a tree we planted 10 years ago and seeing it grow. Our tree planting experts have knowledge on all different types of tree species, so whatever you’d like to plant to compliment your landscape or maybe increase the shade in your yard; we can help.

Charlotte Tree Disease Control

Tree disease can be a large issue if left untreated. There are all kinds of bugs and pests that infect trees, believe it or not this is actually a big reason many of them start to decay, die and fall. Contact Charlotte Tree Service if you’ve got a fungus or pest problem, we know what your trees need to stay healthy.

Charlotte Land Clearing

Most of the calls we get for land or lot clearing involve our customer wanting to renovate and expand their home. Sometimes our residential or commercial customer would like more room across their landscape. We can handle this independently for you or work in conjunction with a construction company. Charlotte Tree Service has all of the equipment and machinery necessary to get the job done safely and promptly!

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